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QUALITY THEATER AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! An intimate theatre facility at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ .  We present a year-round season of full-length family and adult events featuring community theater (we have 10 resident theater companies), professional booked in events, student shows and The Kelsey Players.  We also offer a full season of one-hour Kelsey Kids events!   PLEASE NOTE: KELSEY HAS STADIUM STYLE SEATING.  ONLY THE HANDICAPPED SEATS ARE ON FLOOR LEVEL.  ALL OTHER SEATS ARE AT LEAST 1 STEP UP OR DOWN!  Call the box office to arrange for handicapped seating.

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Feb. 5-7 The Undead Invade Kelsey in campy, '50s style musical - Zombie Prom
Feb. 12-21 Wacky "Room Service" Serves Up a Cure for Winter Doldrums
Starting Oct. 16 Special Daytime Performances for Groups!


Zombie Prom

A Campy 1950's romp, with the Zombie touch!


Room Service

The Addams Family


The Diary of Anne Frank



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T-Bone's Camp Muckalucka

Mary Poppins


Little Red Riding Hood


Junie B's Essential Guide